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Meadows is a romantic and feminine collection inspired by Victoriana, prairie-style, and folklore.

Centred around dresses, the collection is inspired by various sources. The white cotton styles with a focus on embroidery and lace draw their inspiration largely from Victorian undergarments. Floral printed cotton which is inspired from the Victoriana revival of the 1970s. The collection also dips into a wide selection of historical inspiration from Tudor to The Renaissance, and fuses them with a modern sensibility.

Meadows is designed in Hackney, East London, by Australian born, Central Saint Martins graduate, Louise Markey.

Meadows is committed to make clothes which are made in a safe, ethical environment where working conditions are fair.

"We pride ourselves in sustainable practices and ethical manufacturing. We embody innovative cuts, bold colours and fine fabrics which are produced ethically and encourage slow, sustainable fashion.

We have boutique-sized factories in China which are meticulously and consistently monitored by our supplier agents. Our factories have signed on to our internal ethical and safety compliance documents which we manage, inspect and enforce internally. We conduct frequent audits and have a supportive relationship with our manufacturers. These audits cover areas such as worker safety, gender equality and payment of a living wage.

Meadows makes a conscious decision to source sustainable fabrics. We use industry standard textiles dyes which undergo rigorous testing before being used in the market. We do not currently use plant dyes, but this is something we are exploring for part of our collection in the future. We are currently in the process of moving our products into Global Organic Textile Standard certified organic textiles and hope to have achieved this by 2022.

To date, 90% of our cotton is organic. All of our wool yarn for knitted products are now sourced exclusively from suppliers who adhere to the Responsible Wool Standard."



Text and Photos by Meadows

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