Erika & Björg

Maud was established in 2005 as a way of bringing to Zürich the eclectic London style Erika Zelic missed from her original home in the UK. Björg Péclard shared Erika’s love of clothes and the idea of not conforming to the dominance of mainstream designers, friends since their 20’s, a month into the project they decided to join forces... Björg bringing her Nordic roots into the mix, they have have been curating the collections together ever since.

"We’ve always had a lot in common, clothes, music, culture and a shared sense of humour, being able to have a really good laugh has kept us sane and made it great to work together  


We love colour, natural fabrics, beautiful patterns and textures, wearable, practical everyday but special clothes, fresh and down to earth pieces which are still inspiring. Independent labels but also sustainability are important to us, we want to support things we believe in, it makes us happy!"

Erika & Björg



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