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Apiece Apart

Laura Cramer and Starr Hout, a Texan and a Seattleite, are lifelong friends with creative lives that ran parallel until a road trip through West Texas inspired their collaboration.

The designers met in NYC while students at NYU. Starr worked in the art world, before transitioning into fashion as a stylist. Laura worked as a graphic designer and art director, specializing in branding. On their 30th birthdays (the designers are born a day apart), Starr and Laura took a road trip to West Texas and conceived of the line — of intermixing pieces that could be packed in a single bag, to go anywhere and do anything.

The line continues to evolve with the designers themselves.


«At Apiece Apart, we believe in supporting, inspiring, and bringing women together by designing clothing to be a part of your story. We craft garments that are as versatile as the women who wear them — collections that act as witnesses to our lives, intended to be worn on repeat for years and never go out of style. 


believes in...




feminine zeal

breaking constraints

support systems

aspiration and then, letting it go

surprising people

deep, absurd laughs

being unexpected, complicated, and rare

coming home…»



Text and Photos by Apiece Apart

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