How formal/informal is the communication and atmosphere?

Most people communicate over emails and will, more often than not, take an informal approach. As we are all different, if emailing someone for the first time we would recommend introducing yourself and taking a more formal approach. However, some people will often send you a quick message over Zoom so make sure you keep that app open!

Do all the departments socialise together or do people tend to stay in their own departments?

As a small workforce, it makes it easier to socialise with all departments. Every week, we have end of the week drinks where everyone gets together. From sales to HR, and leadership to junior roles – everyone comes together to celebrate the week.

Does everyone tend to start/finish at the same time?

Everyone tends to start around the same time (8.30/9.00) however, we have just introduced a new flexible working policy. This policy allows people to choose their schedules from a number of options and means that everyone is working different hours.

Do I have to bring my own mug?

No, we are not short on mugs at Waldom!

Where’s the best place to park my bike?

There is plenty of street parking in front of the building, but if you want to be on the safe side, we have access to a secured parking area in the reception building (Herengracht 469). Ask you manager for more details!

What is the best thing about working at Waldom?

We are a young, diverse group of individuals who come from all over the world! We love to socialise, celebrate each other’s success’ and support one another through tough times.

Are people generally expected to attend social events regularly?

This is down to you, there is no pressure to join every social event or any at all. No matter how much we would love to see your face, we understand that you have your own life and can’t commit to regular events. Having said this, it would be great for you to join us every so often as spending time together is a great way to build a stronger team.