Can I schedule a private appointment?

Yes, we can offer our customers private appointments outside the normal shop opening times to enjoy exclusive time at Maud. Click here to book your fitting appointment online.

What kind of fabrics do you offer?

It's very imortant to us to offer a wide range of totally natural and organic fabrics like cotton, silk and wools, but also the innovative new manmade plant based cellulose fabrics like modal, tencel and bamboo which are sustainably produced. Wherever possible we like to keep synthetics to a minimum.

Do you care about sustainability?

Yes, this is very important to us, we have quite a few brands which are sustainable and totally organic and many others that use a large proportion of organic and /or recycled natural materials. We also have small independant brands producing in studios, workshops and small scale factories which use fair trade principles and work practices in their production.

What are your Covid-19 rules?

A maximum of 2 customers are allowed in the shop at any time, hand sanitiser and masks are available and required. We have also installed an air purifier with HEPA filter which is effective in removing even the tiniest virus particles so that you can feel more relaxed about your visit.