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Established in 1997 in Wales, TOAST began with nightwear and loungewear, inspired by nature and the surrounding landscape. The collections were designed with a relaxed sense of ease and made with quality materials in long lasting silhouettes.

Today, their approach remains true to their beginnings – creating simple, modern and functional pieces intended to last for years to come.

All clothing, homeware and accessories are produced in collaboration with artisans, weavers, and mills from across the globe. They work together to support local communities, preserving craftsmanship and traditional techniques.

Handmade pieces created by skilled craftspeople become treasured items to keep and pass on. TOAST Circle offers a range of options to help foster longevity, celebrate the art of repair and connect with their community.

Read more about Toast's commitment to community and traditional crafts and how they are measuring their environmental impact in their Social Conscience report.



Text and Photos by Meadows

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