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Skall Studio, Copenhagen

Skall Studio is a Danish sustainable fashion brand, established in 2014 by the two sisters Julie and Marie Skall. Rooted in the coastal area of North Jutland, the family name of Skall has become synonymous with the core values that the brand is representing today. With a vegan lifestyle, minimal use of animal products in the collections and a general sustainable and conscious approach to design and development, they have created a design universe of effortless, elegant and feminine styles, where quality is never compromised.


Skall Studio believe that the path to a more sustainable wardrobe starts with timeless design of high quality, made of natural materials that will last season after season. "We offer an alternative to the rapidly changing trends and fast fashion that are creating overproduction and stressful working environments. At Skall Studio we make a virtue of the processes of design and production, and we aim to reduce the speed and create design with a purpose and a story."


Text and Photos by Skall Studio

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